Acquire relevant in-demand skills to help you stay relevant today and in the times ahead.

Who We Are

DOLA is a leadership and entreprise development School purposed to raise leaders, empower people with relevant skills needed to lead themselves, their families, build sustainable entreprises, while helping them to discover, unmask and refine their latent possibilities. ...
The vision came into existence in 2016. We focus on teaching and lay emphasis on certain knowledge and critical truths that is not taught in our traditional schools e.g leadership, entrepreneurhip, financial education, self awareness, family leadership, nation building and citizenship etc. We do this by empowering men and women to discover their unique latent potentials through our highly impactful training programmes.
Our training curriculum is very rich, practical and effective. We engage and leverage the expertise and wisdom of versatile, top-notch, well trained and seasoned professionals in specific human discipline to provide impactful training sessions.

No matter the level of the participants, no one has or will attend any of our training programs and remains the same. Our testimonials bears countless stories of transformed lives.


Our Vision

To develop an effective, practical and systematic program for training a committed group of people in leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development with the purpose of imparting practical wisdom, skills, to produce a character of leadership, social responsibility, vision, values and citizenship.

Our Mission

To empower men to discover, develop, and deploy their gifts, uniqueness, latent possibilities for personal, corporate and societal advantage.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership - L
  • E-Excellence
  • Accountability-A
  • D-Dedication
  • Example -E
  • R-Responsibility

What David Has To Say About DOLA

I strongly believe that the quality and impact of your life really comes down to this one thing-leadership.
David Oyeleye

What We Do

DOLA offers several impactful training in leadership, entrepreneurhip and skill development. Our training curriculum has been designed to upgrade your thinking, sharpen your skills and competence regardless of your career path or pursuits. Below are the highlights of some of our training programmes that we feel might be of interest to you:

Basic Leadership Course(BLC)

The BLC empowers learners to understand the fundamentals of exceptional and transformational leadership. You will be baptized with new value systems needed to become the leader others want to follow.

Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)

The ALC empowers learners with ideas to maximize your team's productivity and other resources available to you. You will discover how to lead, manage team conflicts, and inspire high performing team. PS : Participants are required to complete the BLC before they can attend the ALC

Basic Leadership Course For Teenagers (BLCT)

The BLCT empowers teenagers, secondary school students with the fundamental leadership values and skills needed to lead, navigate and tackle their biggest future challenges at the moment.

Basic Entrepreneurhip Development Course (BEDC)

The BEDC empowers learners with the fundamentals of starting and growing a sustainable business. This course will help you to avoid the costly mistakes most unsuccesful start ups makes.

Advanced Entrepreneurhip Development Course (AEDC)

The AEDC helps you discover innovative approaches to take your business, or brand to the next level. You will glean the secrets of most successful brands and much more

Basic Entrepreneurhip Development Course for Teenagers (BEDCT)

The BEDCT empowers youngsters (12-17) with entreprenuiral mindset and help them to make most of their time as we take them on a creative (yet funfilled) journey through entrepreneurhip.

Diploma in Corporate Entrepreneurhip & Innovation

The self-paced 7 months diploma certificate course designed for business leaders with the purpose of equipping them with skills and capacity for development of long term-strategic plans, to transform their business and drive profitability.


Acquire relevant in-demand skills to help you to stay relevant today and in the times ahead. Below are some of our skill development training

  1. Public Speaking Essentials
  2. Presentation and Oral Communication Skills
  3. Personal Brand Image Development
  4. Optimize The Basic Microsoft Office Package : Word, Excel and Power point
  5. Digital Literacy
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Animation, Infographics and Motion Graphics
  8. UI/UX Design
  9. Video Production and Editing
  10. Learn How To Read and Write English
  11. Parental Skills Development and lots more

Didn't find the skill you were looking for?
No worries!

Experience DOLA

Would you love to experience DOLA at your school or organization? We partner with schools who share our passion of empowering people with skills. We provide customized training solutions tailored at your specific needs. Let us know your challenges and we will come up with a solution.

Train Your Team/Staff

"Any staff that you do not train is like a cutlass that is used on repeated basis and is not re-sharpened, which in due course becomes blunt and unproductive."

One of the most critical vision of any organization is training and empowering their people, to get every stakeholder to be actively involved in the work. If you tend to the people, the people will tend to the business. However, in every growing system, to maintain and be able to grow or handle the products of growth, a regular expansion of the leadership base is vital.

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